Sr. Joan Sullivan Teaches English


There is a desire in Newark and in many places in NJ to learn. Luckily Sister Joan is willing to teach and she speaks English and Spanish. The class takes place between breakfast and lunch and teaches those who wish to learn. Teaching those around us is one of they keys to understanding and reaching out to different cultures. The willingness to learn shows a desire to improve. The language we speak may not be the same, but the feelings in our hearts remain the same. The desire to help, learn and improve everyone around us is universal. As we spend more time learning about each other, we can learn more about ourselves. What we can do to make the world a better place. We can learn how close we all are, and it all starts with reaching out and take the time to communicate. These women understand the importance of learning, and take time out of their day to try to speak English so they can succeed. And if they succeed we all succeed.

Anthony Jenner