New Stainless Steel Cabinets

At St. John’s we are constantly looking for ways to improve our soup kitchen and offer a cleaner more welcoming environment. Progress is important to us in order to create a more modern kitchen so we can support the ever growing need that exists in Newark. We are happy to announce that with the help of a few donors we were finally able to replace our aging laminate cabinets with cleaner stainless steel cabinets. These will help us better organize our cutting boards, and store a greater variety of dried goods in the kitchen. These will last a lifetime, and we are so grateful for them. Thanks to Director Peter Dobbs for spearheading the much needed update, and with support from Father Bismarck this dream was made a reality. We also cannot thank our generous donors enough, because without them none of this would be possible. Remember you can always help improve the soup kitchen, or provide a hungry person with a meal. Making a difference today can help a person tomorrow. Consider helping us improve St. John’s soup kitchen and becoming part of the St. John’s family. Volunteering or donating, together we can make St. John’s Soup Kitchen a better place. And more importantly, we can make a difference together for those that need it most.

RenovationAnthony Jenner