Our Mission

It’s with the support of people like yourself. Those who volunteer their time, treasure, talent and energy are St. John's greatest assets. We trust in the generous spirit of our volunteers: high-school and college students, professionals working in nearby business, seniors looking to make a difference. They make up our work force. Food supplies arrive almost miraculously from local groups who collect canned foods, or from a rock concert where fans are encouraged to bring food supplies. Somehow, there always seems to be enough for us to continue serving those who live with a terrible sense of abandonment and helplessness.

There is more that we rely on than the material supplies we so desperately need. Our mission depends on God’s presence in our lives, and the Gospel challenge to “feed the hungry and clothe the naked” (Matthew 25:35).

We cherish the opportunity to be “instruments of peace”. We would welcome your being part of our effort to bring God’s love into the lives of those who come to us for help.


Fr. Bismarck