The Men’s Dining Hall


Throughout the years St. John’s had been providing meals to the men who came to their doors, but sadly could not offer them a place to eat. The solution was obvious, we had to convert a section of the church into a men’s dining room, and that is exactly what we did. Now we can offer a place for the men to eat in peace. Away from the noise of McCarter Highway. Out of the rain, snow and sleet. A brief respite from the oppressive heat of the summer. The men’s dining hall offers a few moments of peace for our guests. Volunteers have a chance to interact with our visitors, whether by offering conversation or just a cup of coffee. Many of the men who visit the dining hall are grateful for the comfort it offers, and we are glad to have them. As we continue to grow and more volunteers offer their time, we are able to provide more for the men who visit. Often you’ll find the hall decorated for the appropriate holiday. In the summer you might stumble upon a cup of iced coffee to escape the heat and humidity. For Halloween volunteers put together bags of candy for the men to take. We’d like to thank all the volunteers who go the extra mile in making the St. John’s dining hall into a more welcoming environment, and each small thing we offer brings us closer to that goal.