Thank you Faith Lutheran!


Chili and Cornbread

The perfect meal for a cold day

Wow! What a great Saturday we had! It’s always so much fun when Faith Lutheran comes down. It was a cold and lousy day but they made it a lot better by serving some hot chili, rice and warm cornbread. We can’t say enough about Faith Lutheran and how much they help with our mission. It’s great to catch up with them every month and see how they’re doing. They come down and know exactly what to do, and get to work the moment they set foot in the door. They start making the cornbread as soon as they come in and it’s quite the feat to make cornbread for 200 people in a little under an hour but somehow they manage it every time! They bring in home made desserts for everyone, which they lovingly pack for the guests of St. John’s. By the time that’s all done, its time to plate the meals. It really is a whirlwind, and the whole time everyone is having a great time. That’s what’s so great about the whole experience, we can have a great time while doing a great thing. Faith Lutheran works with great passion which really embodies the spirit of our shared mission. Thank you everyone! We had a great time, and we’re looking forward to warmer weather when we can finally start putting the hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill!

Anthony Jenner