Investors Summer Interns!

On Friday the 28th of June we had a large group of interns from Investors Bank show up to help clean the property. The first thing we had to do was split the groups up and give them their tasks for the day. One brave group was sent to clean up outside, which they did with no complaint. Another group was taken inside to help clean the church, and another was sent to do some overdue sorting and stocking in the pantry. Organizing such a large group can be a cumbersome task, but our volunteers where eager and ready to listen. They listened to the instructions and set out to work! Thank you to everyone who was able to lend a hand!


Our group of young volunteers were very enthusiastic, we’re so grateful they were able to come down. Sorting cans can get boring after a while, buy they were having a great time. I guess just being a part of St. John’s can lighten your mood! Hopefully we’ll see some of them join Investors and help us on Wednesday mornings! They already have the T-Shirt, so that’s one problem solved!


Meanwhile, up in the church another group was diligently working. They had the job of sorting through bags of donated items. The amount of volunteers made short work of the sorting job, and then they quickly set to work making toiletry bags which can be distributed to the men and women who visit St. John’s. After that it was time to tidy up the church. Outside the volunteers were pulling weeds and cleaning up the property. The kitchen was very happy to have such a wonderful group from such a supportive organization. Thank you for your continued support and volunteering work Investors Bank! We really appreciate all you do!

Good luck next year in school everyone!

Good luck next year in school everyone!

Anthony Jenner