Faith Lutheran Hosts a BBQ

Summer means barbecues and the same thing is true at St. John’s. St. John’s together with Faith Lutheran hold a BBQ every second Saturday during the summer. Hot dogs and hamburgers are obviously the stars of the show. Guests can also choose from chili, beans, salad, potato salad and an array of deserts. After talking to a few men in line, it seems like they really look forward to this BBQ. There’s never a bad time for a hot dog or hamburger. But before we serve, we have to prepare!


Putting the dogs in the buns!

That’s a lot of hot dogs!


Each one of those hot dogs is prepared by hand and so are the hamburgers. It takes quite a while to put 300 hot dogs in buns, but luckily we have a great group of experienced volunteers! Meanwhile outside Jeff was working the grill cooking the burgers. Big thanks to Jeff for always coming out and manning the grill! It’s a huge help!


Like clockwork everything was ready to go! The only thing left now was to serve! Thank you for everyone for coming out and I hope everyone enjoys the pictures we were able to take of our wonderful day! See everyone in September for the final BBQ of 2019! Thanks again!!

Anthony Jenner