Shifman Matress Makes their First Visit!

I just wanted to thank everyone at Shifman Mattress’ for taking part in the St. John’s experience. We took a lot of great pictures, and I want them to tell the story. Thank you everyone at Shifman, it was great meeting everyone and we hope to see you again soon. Thanks guys!


Summer is in full swing so that means it was still salad time! We got some awesome pictures! Look at all the amazing action shots. It’s hard work in the kitchen and everyone pitched in. This is how we stacked the meals, each meal warmer holds 108 meals and we filled two, made extra and still ran out!


That’s a lot of smiles when we served. That’s what we love to see at the soup kitchen, people having fun and providing for the community. Serving each other helps us grow and we feel better. Helping someone else out is sometimes the best way to help yourself. Volunteering is a nice break from the stressful work place!

Anthony Jenner