Thank you Holiday Express!


Thank you to all the volunteers who so generously volunteered their time to provide such a wonderful event for all of our guests. It was incredible to see the amount of work that went into hosting the event. Truck after truck arrived unloading supplies for the event. After the tent was set up, they began unloading trucks with shoulder bags that contained all sorts of necessary supplies. Each bag was specialized based on the age and the gender of the guest! After that they began setting up the stage to play live music. Once everything was completed and ready to go they started bringing out the food which had been cooking the whole time! To say there was an army of people here would be an understatement. They put together the event so seamlessly it was incredible. The tent was heated, the meals were fresh and warm, and the live music was a huge hit. It was awesome that they could provide such a welcoming environment for our guests. We are so honored that Holiday Express works with us and we look forward to the future of working with such an amazing and incredible group!

If you’d like to find out more about Holiday Express click here!

VolunteersAnthony Jenner