Geneda Youth Ministry helps Landscape

A few weeks ago Edgar reached out to us asking if there was anyway the Geneda Youth Ministry could help out at the soup kitchen. He explained that his group was eager to help out in anyway they could. During that time we were booked solid in the kitchen, but we had work we needed done outside. With spring right around the corner, and after a generous donation of gravel and mulch, we had plenty of work to do around the property. We asked Edgar if he’d be willing to help us with some landscaping. It was tough work and after explaining it to Edgar, he replied back saying that his group was ready to work. We were thrilled at the prospect of having such an enthusiastic group coming in to help us!

The group arrived at 8:30am and got right to work moving the gravel to the new garden area we have been working on. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough wheelbarrows for the group to use so we had to improvise. Using a bit of creativity everyone found something they could use, from a wheelbarrow, buckets and even a garbage can. Very quickly they made a dent in the huge stone pile, and before lunch time they had finished moving all the gravel. Because of their help, the garden plots are ready for planting! Even though they finished, they noticed the pile of mulch. Eager as ever, they jumped right on the mulch and they quickly set to work in putting the mulch around the property. Thanks to all their help, we’re ready to welcome spring with style! With everyone working together they were able to complete both jobs. They were so enthusiastic and came ready to work, and they didn’t stop until the job was done. We are so thankful that they were able to help us out.

Check out the pictures of the action!

Anthony Jenner1 Comment