First Baptist Church of Hillside!


The First Baptist Church of Hillside group has been coming to St. John’s for quite some time. They are scheduled for the fifth Saturday of each month. You may have noticed that each month doesn’t have five Saturdays, so when a month does it is a special day for all the guests of St. John’s. It is such a blessing that we have so many people that are so willing to go above and beyond just to help those that don’t have the means to help themselves. The moment they step foot into the kitchen the atmosphere changes. It reminds you of being home for Thanksgiving. Everyone is so welcoming and warm. The smell of turkey and gravy fills the air, and you know the food is going to be amazing. Everyone cooks something that is served that day so everyone has a hand in the meal. I have to admit the turkey is incredible. It’s juicy and tender and it really is quite the treat. When asked, the guests of St. John’s recommend it wholeheartedly, and I would too. It may be some of the best turkey I’ve ever had. You can really see the amount of effort and care that is put into the meal. If you’re in the area, and if you’re lucky enough that the month has five Saturdays, come down for lunch and you will not be disappointed. I’ve ranted quite a bit about the food (and it really deserves it’s praise) but the same can be said of the people. Everyone is welcome and is part of the family. The food, like the atmosphere, is filled with love and care. We have a lot of fun while we serve and it definitely shows in the pictures. We cannot be thankful enough and it’s hard to convey it in words, so I’ll leave it to the pictures to fill in the blanks .

Anthony Jenner