Seva Group Sponsors a Subway Lunch!


Anonymous donors, who prefer to be referred to as the Seva group, purchased 250 subway sandwiches for the guests of St. John’s. They arrived early with, and we had to come with a new way to pack the lunches. The hoagies were too large to fit into our meal containers! But luckily, one of the friends of the kitchen donates bags. So, we put the sandwich and the chips into the bag! Everything worked out well, and when everyone worked together to solve the problem it became clear that it would be an excellent day. The guests were dismayed when they heard the hoagies were vegetarian, but as soon as they had a bite their attitude changed completely. They were a huge hit! Sometimes trying new things pays off! By the end of lunch everyone had eaten and all the sandwiches were gone.

Seva means “selfless service” and it is a core tenants of religions around the world. The first step to making the world a better place is working together, and we see that so much at St. John’s. If we look to our communities and see all the wonderful work that is being done we will be uplifted. We see people from different backgrounds working together for one goal, to fight hunger. There is so much more work to do in our communities and so little time for hatred. Everyday at St. John’s is reminder to me that people have so much more in common than they think at first. People who have seemingly nothing in common have become life long friends during their time at the soup kitchen. The environment at St. John’s lets people break down those boundaries and get to know each other. It is important to be exposed to the love and care that is the spirit of St. John’s. It is one of the first steps for a person to look outwardly instead of inwardly. Once a person perceives the world from a different person’s perspective they become empathetic. When a person becomes empathetic, they make the world a better place. Together and one day at a time we can strive to make the world a better place. We’d like to thank the group for doing such an amazing thing, and doing it anonymously. They really are in touch with the side of humanity that is about caring and giving. They really do share the same mission as St. John’s.

Thank You!

Anthony Jenner