Knights of Columbus and Squires Help Out!


On April 27 The New Jersey State Squires under the supervision of an order of Knights of Columbus reached out asking us if there was anything they could help with. They were a large group of 25, and wanted to help out in anyway they could. If you’ve been inside St. John’s, you know the kitchen isn’t large enough for 25 people, but there is always work to be done around the property. With this new infusion of man power we had the help we needed to move the rest of the gravel that we had. With their help the remainder of the 10 yards of gravel was moved, filling in an area of dirt and mud that had been trampled in recent years. With this we hope the area where some of the men stand will look a little better, and not turn into a swamp during our rainy season anymore. It’s a definite improvement over what it was and it was a lot of hard work so we are very thankful for their help. We still had a group of young men that required work to do, because we are limited on shovels and wheelbarrows. They had the job of cleaning the shelves and checking for expired food. We receive so many donations, and try as we may to rotate the old stock, sometimes things get lost in the shuffle and that’s where these boys came in. For over 4 hours, young men checked dates on products and cleaned the shelves. It is a very tedious process but it needs to be done. We thank them for their patience and focus during this task because it is very easy to get distracted, and to be honest somewhat bored. With the group we were able to check a lot of the shelves for expired product and rotate the new to the front. I’d say a lot of the boys could work at a grocery store now with the experience they have from St. John’s. We are thankful for the squires and knights that came down to help us on a cold and windy day. It was a great help. We look forward to the next time we meet them, and wish all the squires good luck in their studies!

Anthony Jenner