Prudential Center Helps Out!

Prudential Center Employees have a made it a goal to volunteer 82 hours over the course of the year. This past week the Soup Kitchen was lucky enough to have a group come down to help out. The group began their day at 9:00 AM and set to work on cleaning the church and men’s dining hall!


As exciting as cleaning is we had a few more important things to do, so as soon as our dining areas were cleaned and ready for our guests to come in and eat, it was time to prepare what they’d be eating. The menu for the day was baked spiral ham, with mac and cheese and peas!


Although the cleaning may have gone slowly, the serving went by in an instant. Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to our wonderful Prudential Center group. Everyone was a lot of fun, and the energy they brought turned the kitchen into an arena. We want to thank everyone for all their amazing help and hope they do some more hours with us in the future. Thanks guys!

Anthony Jenner