Don Bosco Finishes Helping for the Year

For a number of years young men of Don Bosco Prep have had the opportunity to come down the St. John’s Soup Kitchen in order give back and to increase their exposure to the world around them. This past year we have had the great honor of having John and Kevin, two young men who guided the young men this year and are undergoing training to become Salesians of Don Bosco. Over the course of the year I have come to know both Kevin and John and my respect for them and their mission has grown tremendously. Their mission, teaching and mentoring young men and women to help them to grow in both worldly knowledge and theological understanding, fits in perfectly with the environment at St. John’s. Each Wednesday they came down to the soup kitchen was an opportunity to grow and learn and they never wasted a day. This most recent Wednesday was no exception and I want to thank them for all the time and energy they spent at St. John’s.


For the past 8 months this was a familiar scene at St. John’s. John, pictured above, working with the students, and helping out wherever they could. Doing work around the kitchen provides a great opportunity to talk with the students and get to know them better.

Kevin, pictured on the left in both pictures, was also at the soup kitchen every Wednesday. We want to thank them both for their hard work. We could always count on Kevin and John to give tours and explain what we do at St. John’s and why our mission is so important. They were always ready to do whatever task we needed them to do. Sometimes the work we requested was tough, and was very labor intensive. Never did they complain about the odd jobs they were tasked with at St. John’s, whether it was unloading trucks or taking out the garbage. Without them we would have so many tasks piling up, because there was no way we could do it on our own. And that’s true of so many things at St. John’s. Without people like Kevin and John and the young men from Don Bosco, there would be so many things we couldn’t do. Thank you for all your help, and best of luck in the next steps.

Anthony Jenner