St. Agnes Hotdogs and Onnuri Community Church

Saturday’s at St. John’s are always a lot of fun, and since the weather was reasonably nice Saturday it was even more enjoyable. St. Agnes helped us serve and the Onnuri Community Church group interacted with our guests and handed out care packages. It’s nice to see our more experienced volunteer groups and new volunteer groups work together. We want to thank St. Agnes for being so accommodating of the Onnuri Community Church group. As St. John’s adds more programs and offers more services we’ll need all the help we can get! Working together is the first step towards providing a better St. John’s experience, for our guests and volunteers!


Just looking at the pictures it’s obvious that St. Agnes had a wonderful time serving! It seems like we’ve been having hot dogs for the last few blog posts, but I’ve only heard compliments from our guests. I guess you really can never go wrong with a hot dog. We keep pushing the envelope with the salad and this Saturday was no different! It was amazing, as was the macaroni salad. Thank you to everyone who came in to cook.


We were ready to serve! I think it went pretty well, and I was extremely surprised at how popular the hot Italian peppers were. They went almost instantly, I had no idea anyone would even want them. I guess I’m not the only one at St. John’s who likes spicy food. It’s great to work and have fun, and I think everyone did!


We want to thank the Onnuri Church group for reaching out again and doing another outreach so quickly after their first effort. After being here a month ago it seems they really enjoyed themselves and hopefully we will be seeing them again soon. Reaching out, communicating and engaging our guests is an important job that can’t be overlooked. Even though our main goal is always feeding the hungry, we would like to care for them too. Interacting and communicating is one more step towards helping our guests!


It was great to have Fr. Bismarck and the Onnuri Community Church converse and discuss their shared mission! I’m glad I was able to snag a few shots. Feeding the hungry is something that both groups are very passionate about, and it was good to share ideas and network!


We want to thank our volunteers again! Thank you St. Agnes Church for preparing and serving the meal and being so wonderfully cheerful the whole day! Thank you to the Onnuri Church Group for engaging with our volunteers and offering care packages to our guests. Thanks everyone! See you next time!

Anthony Jenner