It Always Tastes Right, When Served by a Knight

It’s been a little while since our last update, but we have a good one. The first Saturday of each month follows a rotating schedule and this month it was time for the Knight of Columbus to volunteer. They serve a delicious meal composed of Tyson breaded chicken breast, green beans, freshly cooked rolls and it’s all over freshly cooked rice topped with gravy.


It’s a fun day and I have some time to take pictures because we have professionals coming in! Check out that rice and chicken, that’s perfectly cooked! Kudos to the chef Richie for getting everything ready for our volunteers to come in!


Prepping the meal isn’t an easy job and requires a lot of people. Smiling and having fun are mandatory as well. It all happens so fast down at the soup kitchen because everyone is having a good time. Look at all these people having a wonderful time! Honestly, it is a blessing to be a part of St. John’s and reflecting on these pictures really makes me grateful for all the things we can do because of your help. We do it together!


Everyone pitches in a little bit, there are no egos at the soup kitchen. We all are together trying to accomplish something, and the greatest gift we receive is that our actions are meaningful. The action we take in the soup kitchen, together as a team, make a huge difference to the people we give it too. We do not do it because we expect a reward, we give freely because it is the right thing to do. What we have comes from the generosity of our donors and volunteers. Thank you!


An awesome group capped off another wonderful weekend at St. John’s! What a great picture, and we cannot wait to see everyone again! Thank you to everyone who volunteered and donated, we couldn’t do it without you!!

Anthony Jenner