Bologna Sandwiches Courtesy of Our Lady of Peace!

At the soup kitchen we have so many groups doing such wonderufl work it’s important to recognize their dedication adn commitment to our mission. Our Lady of Peace of New Providence is one of the main pillars supporting St. John’s Soup Kitchen. They have been extremely generous in every way and hanging out with them in the morning is a blast.


I have to be honest, I never really was the biggest bologna fan. That is until I came to St. John’s and actually tried some decent bologna sandwiches. I fell in love with this bologna and I really enjoy doing “quality control” when we’re making the sandwiches. If we wouldn’t eat it we won’t serve it! So someone has to eat it, right?


The best part of making the sandwiches is knowing that we’re proud of what we’re serving to those that are less fortunate. I am so grateful, with the support of our wonderful community, that we’re able to serve food that’s fresh, tasty and something that we would eat ourselves!


It took a fair bit of twisting arms, but I was able to get the group together for a wonderful group picture. So happy that the group was so welcoming, and embraced our new volunteers with open arms and included them! Thanks guys for all your hard work, and we look forward to seeing you soon. See you next time!

Anthony Jenner